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  2006.11.23  14.29

I don't like when someone is in the shower
I like this soup infront of me
I like that christmas is in a month practically...technically christmas eve eve
I'm quite excited to go home this weekend...haven't been in a month, and haven't seen EVERYONE in forever
I didn't like the drama that went down last night...our RA was angry and the roommates downstairs got in a massive argument. it was sketchy...so I just sat in that kids room and looked at his ASCI FOR DUMMIES book...hahah not arts + science...some random computer course.

this is a very selfabsorbed post...check all the I's. sorrrry.

tomorrow is my last calc quiz...i'm hoping to not fail...but meh....I don't really care!

and next week...I shall party as hard as possible for as long as possible...b/c then exams start, and then fun is going to instantaneously get sucked out of this place.

ahhh I feel groggy and I slept through my one class today. damn, class has become Sooooo optional to me. as has work. bad news bears!


Mood: groggy

  2006.09.30  13.07

I am at home!

LOVE ME UP TEIGAN BAKER...tonighhhhht I will call you. I'm going to toronto for dinner at my grandparents, but then I will call you when I get back



  2006.09.13  16.02


I have officially begun school.

It is my 3rd day of classes...and....SURPRISINGLY...I skipped 2/5 classes today. NOT B/C IM A SLACKER! My friend mere was coming to visit with her school, and I was trying to get together with her....and I missed my 1st class to find her.....and then the 2nd one I was late for.....so fuck...I just didn't go. oh my. bad start.

today our smoke detector wouldn't stop going off.....so I became full of rage...hence, I made green tea, which I am drinking now.

I had a social day to say the least....I met up with my cousin for a lunch-ish thing...and then mere of course....we pranced in deep puddles hugging, and now my pants are SOAKED.

I dislike the rain
I enjoy having to use my polka dot umbrella
I love university.

well...peace out.

I miss + love everyone.

be very careful of advil....that is my only advice so far.

Mood: surprised

  2006.09.04  17.57


we are here at guelph and having a hilarious time

yesterday our entire dorm was taught a dance...and we then proceeded to do it infront of 5000 people. it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever done, but so much fun.

I'm incredibly exhausted from our tom-foolery from last night...but it was well worth it.

We are lovinggggggg it and loving the ppl, they're all fucking hilare



  2006.09.03  00.39


I leave tomorrrow...I can't really believe it, but I'm pretty pumped. I am coming with 7 things...boxes/bags.....it's fairly insane.

OHHHHHHHHH BOY! I don't know what to expect...this is going to be cooky.

please please please keep in touch and email me lots and lots!!!



  2006.08.29  15.44


I am...just doddling around not knowing what to do exactly. I find it hard to fill time here...especially when there is no way of transporation.

so...last week home. It's been spent so far getting things like sheets, and towels and a bowl and all that stuff. I want to go downtown shopping though...hopefully I can get there on friday.

I am also getting impatient with the mail...b/c I have ordered 4 things that I need before I leave, and none of them have arrived yet...and one thing, this sweet burton backpack, was cancelled!!! so now we need to call them and figure out what happened.

oi vey. I think I will go clean my room and possibly get dressed or something, since it's more than halfway through the day and I've done nothing.


Mood: anxious

  2006.08.20  10.51


I am home from camp. I've been gone for 50 days, but it feels more like a week.

I had the most amazing summer that consisted of laughing, floating, dancing,sun, singing, reading magazines, canoe tripping.....I don't know...I can't really sum it all up on lj.

Im not that eager to be home at all, but it's ok I suppose. I have a my new laptop for school, and it's nifty so I play around with that...and I like having my room back, and eating what I want and all that jazz...but I would give that allllllllll up to just stay at northway all year.

I hope we're all getting together tonight, b/c I'm feeling rather cut off from the friend at home world! but I do love and I did miss you all very much. so let's chill....and you can tell me what's been happening on the hills and that type of good stuff :)


Mood: sad

  2006.08.14  13.52

hello kiddies

it is the 14th...and I am on a 2nd day off w/ my dear friend Sydney.

We hitchhiked in w/ the sweetest man in the world...he was adorable and welcomed us w/ a banana in his hand and lots of jewelry, he was from the lake though, so he was very cool.

camp has been amazing and although I miss everyone, I'm really sad to be leaving. it's definitely weird. I've been here for 45 days! that's forever!!!! and I'm not sure if I'm coming home on the 19th, I may be staying for a party for 2 nights...but I don't have any money left soooo who knows. I just tried to take money out and it said I had 0.00$, but I don't believe that b/c I haven't used my card all summer.

So I've been on 4 trips this summer, and that's all I'm getting, so I'm done tripping (cannnoeeee tripping) for 2006. I had a 3 day, a 4 day, a 7 day!, and a 4 day. they were all amazing trips w/ the best ppl ever and I had so much fun.

well, I think I'm going to go peruse facebook a little....but keep writing, I've been doing my best, but it's hard to find time.

I love you all and miss you tons and I hope I'll get to see everyone before we separate to our new schools :(



ps. send me white light for the hitch hike home...eeeeek!

Mood: happy

  2006.07.01  01.18

oh dear.

well today is the day I am going off to camp. I don't want to go to sleep b/c this is making me sad. I've been so stressed all week so I've been bickering w/ my fam, and now I'm leaving for 2 months :(. My entire summer gets spent at one place. one big 50 day day. I'm going to miss all my friends like insanity.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. I don't want to leave. :(

well, have an amazing AMAZING summer...please write me and don't forget me....and I love everyone so much and I'll miss you like crazy.


Mood: sad

  2006.06.27  18.17

these past like 5 days have been so much fun. I've been nonstop moving, making good times with everyone! GAH! I LOVE AND AM GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

c/o Camp Northway
Lock Box 10003
Algonquin Park, Ontario
P1H 2G7 Canada

It's a good time there too, but I need reminders of the outside world. And I like to receive them like every day :).

I still haven't gotten my pic for guelph. oops. it's a week late. shiiiiiit.

peace out!!!!!! :) <3

Mood: happy

  2006.06.23  18.02

i am scared and feeling guilty and bad right now...
b/c I am not going to my camp friends' birthday. and he has left me two emails saying how angry everyone is at me. and that im in big trouble. and he got my other friend to call and leave me a message saying the same thing.

oh man. :( now I am going to camp, where I will be killed and no one will like me. DAAAAMN

Mood: geeky

  2006.06.23  14.53


School is completely done.

Forever, after graduation, I will have no purpose when I step into the halls of huron.

I, unlike kath, cannot even try to sum up highschool. But kath, you did it beautifully...it made me very sad.

Ok, well I think we should watch laguna tonight too.

I just watched Amelie for the 2nd time this week...it's hilarious.

Mood: sad

  2006.06.20  16.39

hello mate

well, today was the last day. it hasn't sunk in yet, so don't ask me how i feel. when i realize today may have been the last day I will ever see some ppl, and i still didn't say anything to them....ya, then I will be a little more upset. and it's the last day all my friends will be together at school :(

ok...well Enough of that for now.


Andrea Pace
c/o Camp Northway
Lock Box 10003
Algonquin Park, Ontario
P1H 2G7 Canada

Mood: indescribable

  2006.06.17  13.51

Oh boy.
Well it seems as though a tidal wave of similar updates have been going on.
TOPIC: School ending

I am just, so shocked that there are only 2 days left. These 4 years have gone by so quickly. seriously, it seems like 4 fricken days. I don't know if I am even ready to leave, I'd like to think that I am, but who knows, b/c clearly I'm upset by the idea of it. I am really going to miss Huron. The people, my closest friends, the random ppl, the teachers, the atmosphere...also the LACK of significance it has. You don't go to high school to make a career and the rest of your life. You go to high school to enjoy the four years and prepare for university. University is just more intense...and it has so much more weight on the very rest of your life.

Not that high school doesn't have weight on your life...it just isn't...I dont know. I can't quite explain it at the moment. it's 2 o'clock and i just woke up

Camp is in fucking 2 weeks. I can't beeeeeeelieve it! I feel like I just got back from camp. DAMN YOU GRADE 12 FOR BEING SO SPEEDY! this always happens...i have exams and a TON of shit to get for camp. AND i need to get some stuff for uni, and I'm still waiting for my orientation package to arrive. I'm scared to be gone for all of our last summer :( BUT THIS ISN'T OUR LAST SUMMER! EVERY SUMMER WE'LL ALL COME BACK AND WE'LL ONLY HAVE EACHOTHER!!!

DEAR GROUP: promise to never grow tired/bored w/ the friends we made in highschool, b/c on holidays and summer I want the sparks to relight and we have the best times all over again. :)

There are so many ppl I wish I had talked to more, or LOOKED at more...fuck being timid and weird. NEVER BE TIMID AND WEIRD! hopefully I won't be like that next year, b/c all it does it make you miss out on a lot of different little connections you could have made.

That's enough for now I suppose. Sorry to be such a sad sap....but damn..I'm just shocked and sad that ppl I have been friends with for 13 or 3 or 4 years are leaving me and we're all going to be scattered :( dang...I effing love you guys <3 we have 2 weeks, so let's just love it up

Mood: nostalgic

  2006.06.12  19.47

school is done in like a week in a bit.
I go to camp in approx. 18 days. holy shit.

seriously, my mind is still at christmas.

Im not quite inlove with the idea of leaving huron and all its inhabitants quite yet :(

also, im pissed, b/c the principle is making katie, ivan & I write a letter of apology to killbear....b/c "we're on student coucil, and we represent the student population?" really? b/c clearly we don't, b/c we're not the ones who caused damages.


Mood: pessimistic

  2006.06.10  00.14

I feel unwell. It's rather unfortunate....

I've had a soar throat since the weekend, and now I've got the classic annoying head cold. ohhhhh well.

so, nacho libre isn't out yet. all the commercials that say it came out on the 2nd...YA, they're all an effing farse.

tonight was funny. i drank a ton of milk and coke. and then I started 'Walk the Line'...2nd times a charm...that movie is superb. and then kath and paige came...and tried to rape and kidnap me into their suv. but i said no. and ran down the street w/ white powder on my face...and a blanket around my head. the neighbours must have been concerned. :)

tomorrow.....i need to apply for res...yeeee, i left it fairly late. and ...I dont really have hw. I've finished all my summatives.

peace im tired...

Mood: sick

  2006.06.07  20.38


I have finished that bugger of a west & the world essay. I spent 4 hours on it today, 2 and a half yesterday, an hour last week, and countless minutes on effing notes. THANK GOD. most unfortunately, the essay itself is pure shit. word vomit if you will. mr.nagy will be sick when he reads it...half b/c it's so terrible & half b/c he will feel so overwhelmingly sorry for me and my lack lustre future. sooooorrry, but i am TIRED.

anywho. all i can think about now is how I simply MUST do my bloody journalism articles. i will have TWO to do tomorrow night. holy shit. i'll get some quotes tomorrow, AND how much I want to see NACHO LIBRE this weekend. who is up for it?!?!


ps. killbear was effing sick, it took me all of tuesday to recover too. hahah good times.

Mood: drained

  2006.05.31  19.16


so, after school i took a "quick" trip to vaughn mills. i needed some h&m therapy. i was actually going to get a bag for prom, but i didn't end up finding one. me, being the absolutely craziest clothes horse, got a sick big belt and some poufy denim shorts. I went into bcbg to look a purses. and i saw this little dick of a bag. the tag said 18$, or so i thought. so I got up to buy it...and the girls like 135$! pfffffffft, i didn't buy that shit. it looked like a rat had been living in it.

So...im going to accept guelph this week. :):):) im actually quite excited, hopefully katie k will accompany me for 4 years of laughs

im getting sadder and sadder by the second when i think we're all being separated :( its very sad. i cant really get into it <3

prom = 2 days, holy moly! i have to write a bloody essay now. :) gotta keep the grades where they are so i can feel satisfied at the end of the year.


Mood: lazy

  2006.05.27  15.39

thank god, for a second I thought that little lemon face wouldn't offer me a "pissed off " face.

Im pissed off. there you have it. This month has truly been fucking brutal.

next week is prom, I truly dont want to go. Our table is skeezy, I have no clue how we're getting there, Im going to look incredibly fugly. Ya, with prom came some kick ass shoes but also some hardcore feelings of anger.

fuck may, fuck june...and all that jazz. my apostrophes dont work. fuck that too.

good news though, this actor i love, max minghella, is going to columbia next year, and jenny is going there, so i plan on visiting frequently and getting acquainted with my future hubby.

<3 have a charming weekend......

Mood: pissed off

  2006.05.19  22.52

what up

well, I got shoes for prom after school. it's going to be quite a task learning how to walk in them without falling on my face, or breaking my ankle. but no biggy, theyre quite hot.

oh dear, I can already tell how nostalgic im getting about highschool. i know everyone is so excited to leave, but i find it incredddddibly difficult to deny how much i love it. high school is probably the bomb diggity. oh snap...i hope the next few weeks go by craaaaazy slow.

im pumped for our outing tomorrow. some yummy stir fry, da vinci code, and perhaps a jackson household rendez vous? sounds like good times in my books.

I want to go to bed earllllly on a friday night. but sleep in on saturday. ITS ALSO THE LONG WEEKEND. a year ago this weekend, there was a baby black bear running around my street. its was cooky, but pure hilarium!!!


ps. congrats brothah! you will make a fine pirate

Mood: curious

  2006.05.08  16.54

i am addicted to the strokes now. it's becoming a problem.

but not that big a problem <3xoxoxoxoxoxo<3333

Mood: energetic

  2006.05.07  13.22

well yesterday was the strokes concert. we left at 3, got there at 4. waited in the line of like 15 ppl (it grew to a bigger #) for like 3 hours. finally we got in and we all ran to the floor...and we were sitting like 3rd row away from the gate infront of the stage. so the opening band, the most serene republic, got their groove on...pretty good, but we were all too pumped for the strokes. and then the strokes came on, and everyone at the front went fucking nuts...and i was basically being killed for the first 3 songs...so i backed my way out of the crazy moshing...missing my jacket and my necklace, but no biggy, b/c like 8 rows infront of me were the fucking strokes. they were soooooooooooooooo amazing. shauna and i got separated at the very beginning, so i was alone the whole concert, but i danced like a maniac the whole time and screamed like crazy. it was a really reallly amazing concert. the lights were crazy and i am now like 100 tims more inlove with the band than i already was. they went off stage and we thought it was over, so we all screamed for them like for 7 mins, and then they came back on and played 3 or 4 songs. i dont even remember. it was really good, b/c at the beginning the venue was totally empty, but by the time the opening band was done and set change was going on it totally filled up so it was very loud and crazy and full of love for the strokes. at the end i found shauna as i was leaving, and we went back to look for my coat, but security wouldn't let us. so this one security guy asked me what it looked like and what brand it was, and he said he had seen that jacket!!! so he went back and got it for me. i was pretty happy. i was sad about the necklace b/c i just bought it yesterday, but i can get another one. and we bought some sketchy ts after the show...OH and some guy burned my arm w/ his joint. and i was the bitch of the situation w/ these little whores. i wanted to kill them, but it was no biggy.




Mood: happy

  2006.05.06  12.17




Mood: excited

  2006.04.14  20.42

effing hilarious


Mood: laughing it up

  2006.04.13  18.01

i effing love sam roberts

im a little upset though, b/c I went on ticket master, and HOT DAMN, he has a concert in 2 weeks! BUT YOU HAVE TO BE 19! GOOD LORD! doesn't he want some underage hotties at his shows?!they're the wildest bunch alive! 18 is bullshit. if i can't see sam roberts, what's the point?

we've got a solid 4 days off. hell yes, i am pumped.

i've decided I need to start looking at people. there are 3 months left...and i don't look at people, and won't ever know them...and I guess I would like to atleast say "yes, I've looked at them" I dont know what the fuck im talking about.

i've got a hairchop tonight. good stuff.


Mood: happy

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